The Team

As a very young company, we are fortunate to have a highly experience team who has forged a strong connection through our previous employment together. Currently, Oddtober hires 2 disabled person in our team. One as a website developer and the other as a graphic designer. Here are the profiles of the facilitators that will be involved in your project:

Damien Tan, Project Manager

Damien has spent the last 11 years in the website development industry. He started from developing websites through the static hard-coding way to the dynamic programming way today. He served as a project executive in the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) for 6 years, leading a team of disabled designers and developers to create websites for corporate companies. The revenues of the department increased 3 folds during his administration.

SPD chose to cease its website design operations 2 years after Damien left the organisation. 1 developer and 1 designer from SPD have since joined Damien to setup Oddtober to help fulfil his dream for a social cause. He believes that disabled people can better integrate with the mainstream society through meaningful employment that can show their talents.

Roslee Karim, Web Developer

Roslee was trained in-house by SPD to become a web developer for his employment in the MMC. That was 10 years ago. As a pioneer within the department and a great passion for website creation, he picked up the skills needed for the industry at a tremendous speed. He was Damien’s right-hand man in project management during the time in SPD.

Salimah Ishak, Web Designer

Salimah was also trained in-house by SPD for her employment in MMC as a designer. She has spent the last 8 years improving her skills in design and implementing her creativity into various works of art. Besides, web design, she has built her experiences in print and greeting cards designs as well. During her time in SPD, she led the team in various forms of graphic designing.

Anthony Choo, Account Manager

Anthony started 10 years ago as an IT customer support engineer and has deployed numerous IT solutions to big corporations, medium enterprises and small businesses. He has also spent 6 years 6 months at HCA Hospice Care as a Management Information System (MIS) Officer, which he manages all IT related applicators from servers to palmtop and security administration to software management.

Through his years of experiences, he has successfully helped countless businesses in achieving solutions that exceeded their needs. Now, he shares Damien’s dream, believing that meaningful employment can create a triple-win situation for the company, their staff and customers.